A Gourmet Online Bakery

Angel Wings Uses Highest Quality, Fresh Ingredients Only

Welcome to Angel Wings Bakery

Welcome to Angel Wings Bakery! We are a new type of online enterprise that is customer-oriented and community-focused.

Our Product: We offer gourmet cookies, specialty cakes, and many other classic treats that will delight every taste. Custom orders are available and ready for your business meeting, church event, school function, and holiday party. Customers can also join our Confection Club, in which you will receive a monthly or weekly assortment of high-quality baked goods delivered directly to your home or business. Our bakery is aimed at catering to each individual customer’s needs, so let us know how we may best serve you today!

Our Mission: We are a holistic, faith-based business with a dual purpose: (1) to create employment opportunities for individuals rebuilding their lives from homelessness and poverty, and (2) to provide sustainable homeless services and economic opportunity in our community.

100% of our profits go directly to sustaining services that help
break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.